I Believe In Servant Leadership And No One Will Change My Mind

I have managed many people over the years in various capacities. I never had any formal education about management or leadership. I am not a fancy business school graduate or someone familiar with all the silly management and leadership lingo. I had been managing people and teams successfully for many years with my own style. […]

Maybe You’ve Heard, But I Was In An Accident 😮. Part 1

March 1st, 2023 I did a quick visa run to Cambodia. I came back to Thailand and was traveling back home from the airport. I got in a taxi and we sat for 1:07 on the highway without moving. The traffic in Bangkok is next level. I was so impatient that I paid the driver, […]

Welcome To JasonBurnworth.com

After years of building startups, doing digital marketing, and working in software development, I finally made a personal site! Personal branding is something that I should have done years ago. With being a business owner, consultant, and BJJ coach, being visible is paramount.  For years, I’ve hidden in anonymity online. I’ve declined interviews, hidden from […]