Jason "Sparkplug" Burnworth - 2nd Degree BJJ Black Belt

Knowledgeable and Passionate Instructor with Extensive International  Teaching Experience

Learn from a seasoned professional with a passion for supporting the BJJ community!

Jason "Sparkplug" Burnworth

Traditional Roots, Modern Approach

Trained under Mauricio "Hostile" Zingano, directly influenced by the renowned old Gracie Academy.

Mastery of Fundamentals:

Mastered fundamental BJJ techniques, displaying exceptional proficiency, with a focus on relentless pressure, and superior movement.

Extensive Teaching Experience

Extensive knowledge and wisdom from teaching BJJ in diverse locations around Southeast Asia and across the United States.

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BJJ Consulting, Seminars, Teaching

My BJJ Training Origins

I started training in 2005 in Denver, Colorado with Mauricio “Hostile” Zingano. I was a student under him for many years until his passing in 2014.

Mauricio was an old school traditionalist, but loved the innovation and evolution of BJJ.

Mauricio came up in BJJ in the old Gracie Academy in Torrance with Royce and Helio back in the early 90’s. He can still be seen in many of the old ‘Gracie Challenge’ videos.

"I was taught how to teach BJJ"

I was taught to emphasize basic techniques, but done with mastery. I was taught a not-so-nice style of jiu jitsu balancing relentless pressure with superior movement.

As a new blue belt, I was invited to participate in his “Instructor Program” meeting every Saturday for almost 2 years. I was taught how to teach BJJ. This is what’s missing in BJJ today. Teachers know BJJ, but are not taught how to actually teach it. I credit this approach with turning me into a great BJJ teacher.

Competition and Injury

In 2012 I was training a lot of MMA and starting to love competing in BJJ. I was just started to find my groove placing 2nd at BJJ No Gi Worlds in Long Beach. Shortly thereafter I suffered a brain injury in training and it ended my competition career really before it took off.

Black Belt

In 2016, I got my black belt from Professor Bruno Carvalo.   I am currently a 2nd degree black belt. 

I awarded my first blackbelt to Professor Shawn Crampton in 2022.

Teaching BJJ Internationally and Owning An MMA School

I doubled down on teaching and have been traveling around the world teaching BJJ every since. I have spent time training in Brazil and taught all over the states, and internationally all over Southeast Asia including Thailand, Myanmar, and Malaysia.

"I developed the entire MMA and BJJ training programs and many athletes trained under me, including the now surging Stamp Fairtex."
Stamp Fairtex, ONE Championship's first two-sport world champion

I have owned my own school (former Team Quest Thailand in Chiang Mai), and was the head BJJ and MMA instructor at the official Fairtex Training Center in Pattaya Thailand. I developed the entire MMA and BJJ training programs and many athletes trained under me, including the now surging Stamp Fairtex.

Muay Thai and MMA

Over the years, I have both trained alongside and coached MMA fighters, amongst them recognized personalities in the MMA World.

Muay Thai

I have trained Muay Thai for many years, initially starting under the legend Sakmongkol Sithchuchok in Colorado, and most recently at the Fairtex Training Center in Pattaya, Thailand.

I love to support the community in any way I can!

As someone who has a vast BJJ teaching experience, I have also helped academies  grow and expand their operations, particularly in the areas of business and marketing. Let me know if I can help you with: