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Trailblazing in Business Operations and Growth

With a proven track record in business operations, brand creation, and marketing, I have successfully spearheaded ventures in online business, e-commerce, and the financial industry. As COO and co-founder of Sharp Capital LLC, I led the growth, development and eventual sale of a portfolio of online businesses, including Alpha Investors,  Buzz Logic, and Investors Club – a platform for buying and selling online businesses.  At MMA Warehouse, I oversee operations, including playing a key role in manufacturer relationships and inventory procurement, logistics, and creating order fulfillment and customer service processes.

- Jason "Sparkplug" Burnworth
“…an incredible manager and mentor to me…”
Jason is an incredible manager and mentor to me. He has been a veteran in the online business industry for over a decade. He founded Investors Club, assembled a great team, and executed an extraordinary job as COO for the company. He is a wonderful teacher and an incredibly thoughtful person, always caring about the well being of his people. It was an amazing experience and I highly recommend working with Jason.
– Jeff Hund
Lead Business Analyst at Investors Club

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Expertise and Achievements

Online Business Operations and Leadership

Experienced in online business operations and leadership, excelling in creating efficient processes, driving growth, and maximizing profitability.

Team collaborating

Let me bring my unique blend of expertise to help your business thrive!

Expertise and Achievements

Building Operations: Warehousing, Logistics, and Order Fulfillment

Known for expertise in building and optimizing operational capabilities.

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Unlock the Power of Effective Operations
Specializing in creating efficient systems, optimizing processes, and assembling high-performing teams, I help businesses overcome operational hurdles, scale with ease, and drive success! Let me help you:

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