Stamp Fairtex is the new One World Champion!

SHE DID IT! Saturday September 30th, 2023 at the Singapore Indoor Stadium, Stamp Fairtex defeated Ham Seo Hee for the MMA world title. We had a long talk the day before the fight. I said, “Stamp, you are going to win the title and your life is going to change again. You haven’t changed, but […]

Maybe You’ve Heard, But I Was In An Accident 😮. Part 2

This is a continuation from part 1. After I discharged myself from Theptharin, I knew I needed a better hospital that catered more to foreigners, so I made an appointment at Samitvej Sukhumvit Hospital in Bangkok. I had been there before and this hospital, while expensive, is everything healthcare should be. As an American, I […]

I Believe In Servant Leadership And No One Will Change My Mind

I have managed many people over the years in various capacities. I never had any formal education about management or leadership. I am not a fancy business school graduate or someone familiar with all the silly management and leadership lingo. I had been managing people and teams successfully for many years with my own style. […]

Maybe You’ve Heard, But I Was In An Accident 😮. Part 1

March 1st, 2023 I did a quick visa run to Cambodia. I came back to Thailand and was traveling back home from the airport. I got in a taxi and we sat for 1:07 on the highway without moving. The traffic in Bangkok is next level. I was so impatient that I paid the driver, […]

Welcome To

After years of building startups, doing digital marketing, and working in software development, I finally made a personal site! Personal branding is something that I should have done years ago. With being a business owner, consultant, and BJJ coach, being visible is paramount.  For years, I’ve hidden in anonymity online. I’ve declined interviews, hidden from […]